How To Power Your Business Growth Through Photography

business photography Aug 03, 2022

Great images can grow your business!  Whether it's a professional headshot or photos that showcase what your business does in a visual story, having quality images help build trust with potential customers.

Without doubt, investing in good photography in my business over the years has brought in 10x the investment.

It refreshes your brand, gives you an energy boost, sparks attention, builds brand awareness and increases leads and sales.

Plus having a stock library of your own images differentiates you from your competitors, many of whom probably use the same generic stock images from image libraries. 

When you have a stock library of your own authentic images you can use them across social media, your website, your business cards, brochures and email signatures bringing continuity in your branding and showcasing your business personality.

In this session my special guest and AMAZING photographer, Sam Hunter joins me to share some great tips including:

  • how to overcome your...
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Let's Chat Financial Statements In Plain English with Malcolm Simister

business finance Aug 19, 2021

When running a business it's important to know your numbers right?

These are important documents that we need to be able to understand so that we can make better informed decisions in our business and yet we often get confused by them and so the value they contain for us to steer our business in the right direction is lost.

Unless we remove the double-dutch and can understand them in plain English.

That's where my guest Malcolm Simister can help.

Malcolm has over 40 years as a Chartered Accountant and has been teaching business owners, CEO's, department heads and executives how to read financial statements for the past 18 years. 

He regularly shares his knowledge at the Institute For Company Directors as well as the Australian Institute of Management.

In this session, Malcolm demonstrates how understanding Financial Statements could have made a profound difference to three different companies and how their problems could have been detected earlier in their Balance Sheet,...

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Cashflow Strategies To Keep You Afloat

business finance Apr 08, 2020

In this Online Panel recording, I invite three experts to share tips on Cashflow Strategies To Keep You Afloat.

Those experts include:

Scott Richards is a CPA Accountant and MBA in Business and has been helping companies with their cashflow strategies for over 20 years and in this session will be sharing practical tips on how to guide your business through this economic impact.

To download Scott's free ebook "10 Cashflow Strategies For A Successful Business" or book in a free 45 minute Cashflow Strategy Session - visit

Gita Hettiaratchi is a Management Accountant and holds an MBA in Business Administration.  Gita has guided businesses for over 20 years financially and has her finger on the pulse of what is happening RIGHT NOW.  Gita shares tips on what Government stimulus is available, your eligibility and how you can access it for your business.

Need more help with this, then apply to have a free consult with Gita at ...

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How To Increase Your Profitability Using Persuasive Selling

business sales Feb 05, 2020

On my recent trip to New Zealand, I was super impressed with the way a glass-blowing gallery called Lava Glass in Taupo created multiple streams of income.

I had seen their advertisement in one of the local attraction magazines from the Information bureau and was immediately captured by the images of the sculpture garden, plus I love to see glass-blowing in action, so I put it on the must-do list.

A short drive out of town we found the gallery and headed inside.

Upon opening the door you immediately step into their gallery/shop which was beautifully laid out with lighting used to highlight many of the pieces and showcase the craftsmanship (which you can see with the display in the background of the image below)

You are greeted by a friendly sales assistant who asks if you have been to the gallery before and then given a quick explanation on where to find everything...and this is where their persuasive (and elegant) sales process starts.

But before I get into that, let me share the...

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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From A Young Sylvester Stallone

Being in business is tough! And if you want to succeed you have to be prepared to go the distance and put the work in.

Too many entrepreneurs are pinning their hopes on having overnight success. That if they hang their shingle out, people will come. They are hoping that their Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram or YouTube post will go viral and they can sit back and rake in the riches.

Unfortunately, this misconception is being sold all the time all over the internet. That you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars doing XYZ in a matter of months.

Sorry I have to call BS on that one!

The truth is that most overnight successes in business have at least 3 years of hard graft under their belts to reach that level of success.

There are four important elements to reach that success:





Most people know or have watched the Rocky movie, but very few people know the story behind it.

You see, Sylvester Stallone had a goal to be an actor but got rejection after...

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Your Prospects Journey Through Your LinkedIn Profile

business linkedin marketing Sep 12, 2019

If you are using LinkedIn to generate leads and sales then how you set up your profile is critical to your success.

Many people still treat their profile as a resume holder putting in their position and duties which is okay if you are job hunting but not if you are prospecting.

The thing is, your prospects don't care about your title as much as they care if you can help them.

When someone visits your profile they will be looking at certain elements that will answer in their mind whether you are someone who could hold the key to what they are looking for.

Your Profile Photo
We know that people do business with those they know like and TRUST and having a great profile photo will help to make them feel trust toward you.  In fact, LinkedIn shared that a good profile photo will generate 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection invites!

Instead of putting your title in your headline (ie:  Director at Julie Mason International Pty Ltd), put your value...

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Websites That Work

business marketing Sep 06, 2019

Having a website is great, but having one that works for you is even better!

A well-built website provides your business with the ability to attract prospects, get their attention, build trust and convert them to loyal customers.

I've invited Reid Tregoning from Elegant Websites For You to share tips that will ensure your website works for you!

We'll be looking at the critical elements that will appeal to your visitors as well as the critical 'behind-the-scene's' elements that make your website tick.

This webinar recording follows 5 live websites, the challenges they presented with originally, how to overcome the challenges and get results.

Plus at the end of the recording Reid has put together an amazing Tools, Tips & Cheatsheet for you to download, you'll want to check it out!!

So grab a notepad and pen, you'll get some absolute gold nuggets on this one!


Julie x

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7 Powerful Reasons To Have An Accountability Buddy

We all have goals that we want to achieve. Some are simple and easily achieved, while others are big, hairy audacious goals that challenge us and can even scare the heck out of us initially.

While motivation might get you started, when it comes to achieving your goals or sustaining the results from those goals, you may need to rely on more than just your willpower.

Having an accountability buddy is a great way to help you stay on track especially when your motivation and willpower fades.

In a study regarding goal achievement by Dr Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, results showed that people who wrote down their goals, shared this information with a friend and sent them weekly updates were on average 33% more successful in accomplishing their stated goals than those who merely formulated them.

So what is an Accountability Buddy and how do you find one?

An accountability buddy is a business peer who you meet with weekly...

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Removing Debt Distress

business finances money Apr 15, 2019

Having debt is a reality for most Australians and if managed well can be extremely advantageous to building wealth.

However, what happens when debt goes bad? Sadly it doesn’t take much for this to happen…a bad business deal, a change in economic conditions or a simple mis-judgement and things can go south very quickly.

Financial stress is the top reason for relationship breakdowns and businesses going bust. When you’re drowning in debt it feels like there are few options and those that are available are pretty bleak.

That’s where people like my special guest Kitty Thomas can help.

Kitty is the Chief Angel of Debt Angel Solutions and helps to remove debt heaviness and help you take back control and replace it with new possibilities, empowerment and solutions.

Watch the webinar recording where Kitty shares tips and strategies that can help you today!

Apologies for the drop out in sound periodically on this recording…ah the joys of Australian internet...

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Winning At Life, Winning At Work


If you want to win in life and win at work one of the critical areas to focus on is your Emotional Productivity.

We are emotional beings regardless of whether we express our emotions openly or stuff them down inside us.

Becoming aware of how our emotions impact on ourselves and those around us is the first step in becoming Emotionally Productive.

Which is why I’ve invited Angela Heise to be my special guest on this webinar.

Angela has a long list of accreditations and has travelled the world helping organisations and individuals develop Emotional Productivity helping people overcome the three stumbling blocks on the path for life:

  • Toxic emotions
  • Reactive responses
  • Harmful behaviour

Angela shares how these stumbling blocks impact our lives and our work and discusses the steps we need to take in order to be Emotionally Productive so that we can win in life and win at work.

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