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I help you to position yourself effectively, sell elegantly and overcome limiting beliefs so you can achieve success easily.


"I discovered Julie is much more than just a LinkedIn expert, she has a powerful mentoring program that can help anyone looking to re-position themselves. 

She is brilliant at helping you get quick breakthroughs, so you can get rapid results and with her extensive knowledge base she has countless ideas you may not have thought of for your business that will fast-track your goals."

- Justin Bayliss

I help clients get results fast through my three-step formula


Get clear on your value proposition, your products, your pricing and your positioning in the marketplace.


Know exactly who your ideal audience is and what their needs and desires are and where to find them so you can market to them effectively.


Become confident at asking for the sale in an elegant way so that you actually enjoy the process and clients sign up with ease.

With over 25 years in traditional sales including 15 years in door-to-door cold calling and over 10 years in online marketing, Julie brings a wealth of experience in sales, marketing and the mindset necessary to be successful.

Regarded as one of the top LinkedIn sales strategists in the world, Julie has been featured on the cover of Social Media Success Magazine Australia, is the LinkedIn Tutor for the University of Sydney and

Julie has helped thousands of businesses owners, salespeople and entrepreneurs to position themselves with authority, connect with their ideal client and navigate the sales process successfully with ease and elegance.

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Lead Generation Activity Calculator

Discover how many leads you need to generate each week to hit your sales goals with this simple calculator.



How To Create An Ideal Client Avatar Worksheet

Knowing exactly WHO your ideal client is makes it super easy to find them, connect and convert.  This step-by-step worksheet will make it super easy for you to discover your Ideal Client today.


Want To Learn LinkedIn

Linked Sales Formula is the most comprehensive and supportive LinkedIn Training Program available for business.

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