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That's how successful relationships start...by finding out more about each other, so thanks for checking me out.

It also shows that you want to be sure of who you're going to be working with...and frankly, why wouldn't you?

So allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Julie Mason, an avid reader, entrepreneur, mentor and traveller, LEO (starsign) and changer of hairstyles LOL.  When I'm not helping businesses transform their sales and marketing, I love nothing more than spending time with my wonderful hubby of 28 years and my toy poodle Miss Eva.

My love affair with sales started when I was just 5 years old.

I was raised with the saying... 'eat everything put in front of you because there were poor people starving in Africa' and I recall many nights staring at a bowl of custard that I just couldn't swallow a single spoonful for all the money in the world! Blerk!!

It was soon after that I held my Dad's hand as he took me with him fundraising for the poor people in our local small town.  Dad knew everyone and would knock on their door and say 'Hey Barry, it's Andy here, can you give me $10 for the poor people?"

I distinctly remember watching this exchange with great interest and seeing a potential way of avoiding the dreaded bowl of custard.

A few weeks later, I snuck out of the house with all my crayola and paddle-pop stick masterpieces and knocked on my neighbour's doors to raise money selling my wares so I could help the poor people so I ultimately didn't have to eat custard anymore.

I returned home triumphant having sold every last piece and proudly presenting the coins to my very shocked Mum.

My Dad taught me some of the most valuable sales lessons when I was little, such as:

  • Be friendly, genuine and open
  • Build rapport and trust
  • Don't take anything personally...shake off the no's and keep on going

These lessons served me well as I started work as a salesperson, especially with 15 years of door-to-door cold calling across various industries.  I had one of the highest close rates because I applied these simple principles I was taught at a very young age.

The good news is that these sales skills are learned skills.  Let me repeat that, these sales skills are learned skills.

The internet disrupted my career and started me on a new trajectory.

 Around 13 years ago, I noticed a significant shift in the way people were responding to traditional sales approaches.  Google was at their fingertips and they now had the power to search out information on products and services within seconds.

Realising that this was the wave of the future, I decided to dive in and learn all I could about this exciting new world of internet marketing.

I invested thousands of dollars in courses and training, learning how to build websites and do search engine optimisation.

And then someone introduced me to social media.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

WOW, when they told me that 73% of the people on LinkedIn were the decision makers in their business I was hooked!!

I learned everything I could learn about how to use these amazing platforms and started to use them to market my new web-design business with great success.

People started asking me what was I doing.

So I started teaching other small business owners how to position themselves effectively and how to generate leads and sales easily and elegantly.

My clients nicknamed me The Social Media Princess for my ability to make the complex and often confusing world of social media simple and easy to understand. 

Over the past 10 years I've taught thousands of small business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers and consultants, how to generate leads and sales easily and elegantly.

I provide my clients not only with the step-by-step formulas but also the underlying sales psychology of the WHY and HOW to generate leads and sales without them feeling pushy, icky or sleezy. Throughout my 25 years in sales, I have followed the mantra that 'a sale is not something you pursue, it's something that happens to you when you are immersed in serving your customer'.

I teach what I've personally done to build a successful business using the power of LinkedIn.

If you like what you are reading and want to get started then check out my free online marketing resources >>

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How To Create An Ideal Client Avatar Worksheet

Knowing exactly WHO your ideal client is makes it super easy to find them, connect and convert.  This step-by-step worksheet will make it super easy for you to discover your Ideal Client today.


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