Cashflow Strategies To Keep You Afloat

business finance Apr 08, 2020

In this Online Panel recording, I invite three experts to share tips on Cashflow Strategies To Keep You Afloat.

Those experts include:

Scott Richards is a CPA Accountant and MBA in Business and has been helping companies with their cashflow strategies for over 20 years and in this session will be sharing practical tips on how to guide your business through this economic impact.

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Gita Hettiaratchi is a Management Accountant and holds an MBA in Business Administration.  Gita has guided businesses for over 20 years financially and has her finger on the pulse of what is happening RIGHT NOW.  Gita shares tips on what Government stimulus is available, your eligibility and how you can access it for your business.

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Melissa Meagher has worked in the financial sector both in banking and as a financial advisor for over 20 years and realised that often money issues stem from a money mindset that is no longer serving you.  Melissa shares some tips and insights on keeping a healthy money mindset during this uncertain times.

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Between them these three financial wizards have over 60 years of experience to help YOU move through this financial impact with more clarity and direction. 

Get a pen and notepad ready...there is some golden advice ready for you to access.


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