Your Prospects Journey Through Your LinkedIn Profile

business linkedin marketing Sep 12, 2019

If you are using LinkedIn to generate leads and sales then how you set up your profile is critical to your success.

Many people still treat their profile as a resume holder putting in their position and duties which is okay if you are job hunting but not if you are prospecting.

The thing is, your prospects don't care about your title as much as they care if you can help them.

When someone visits your profile they will be looking at certain elements that will answer in their mind whether you are someone who could hold the key to what they are looking for.

Your Profile Photo
We know that people do business with those they know like and TRUST and having a great profile photo will help to make them feel trust toward you.  In fact, LinkedIn shared that a good profile photo will generate 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection invites!

Instead of putting your title in your headline (ie:  Director at Julie Mason International Pty Ltd), put your value proposition instead (ie:  Helping Business Generate Leads & Sales Through LinkedIn Easily & Elegantly. Read My Summary To Find Out How)  which will let your prospects know exactly how you can help them. 

About Section (formally known as the Summary)
If you About section talks more about you than your prospect, it's probably time to revisit this section and do a refresh.  Use this valuable space to show your prospect that you understand them by following the simple formula below:
*  identify - what is the problem they have
*  aggravate - what it's costing them to have that problem
*  solve - what is the solution to that problem
*  proof - what is the proof that this solution works
*  credibility - why should they trust you to solve this problem
*  call to action - what's the next step for them to take if they like what they read
Each of these sections can be a short paragraph - remember you only have 2000 characters to write your About section, so make them count!

As your prospect continues to journey down through your profile having now read your About and feeling that perhaps you do understand where they are at, your Experience section can showcase your products and services in more detail.

Adding your skills will help to optimise your profile for LinkedIn's search function so ensure that you add some keywords in here that your prospect might use to find your services.

There is no better social proof than having recommendations on your profile from past and current clients, so take the time to ask your existing clients for a recommendation of your services on LinkedIn.  Other people's reviews will build trust with the reader and give them courage to take the next step with you.

Check out our info-graphic below to remind you of your prospect's journey through your LinkedIn profile.

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