Top 10 Tips To Using Slideshare For Business

The rise of visual marketing has taken the Internet by storm. Visuals like infographics, picture quotes, graphical presentations and slideshows are used to present information online. This trend has made a great tool to help entrepreneurs get the message across to prospective clients and customers.

What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is a unique channel that allows you to promote content in either PowerPoint presentations, PDF's or video. It has gained a strong response since it was launched online in 2007. has over 500% more business traffic than any other website on the internet, which is one of the reasons that LinkedIn purchased Slideshare in 2012.

Tips On Using Slideshare

To get you started, here are a few tips and hints on how to present your information in a slideshow presentation.


  1. Thought leadership. You are the expert when it comes to you business and you want to share your expertise in a presentation. It is important to create a presentation that is in-line with your expertise and your market.

  2. Present your content in themes. Depending on what you like to share, you can work around different themes that will be relevant to your product. For example, you want to get the word out for Cyber Monday so what you like to do is present your products with deals to go along with that event.

  3. Share your presentation easily with prospects. You can use your Slideshare presentation when you want to share information to prospects. It is also great to use during company meetings, meetups, conferences and webinars.

  4. Detail-oriented. Put emphasis to detail when creating your slides. This will help catch the attention of audience. Present information in graphs, images and text in a well-fashioned manner.

  5. Be consistent. Use the same fonts in each of the slides with proper spacing and typography. This helps make your presentation look professional rather than amateurish. If you use borders or margins to your text, make sure you do this to other slides.

  6. Be sure to proof read your work before showcasing it. Recheck the layout, text, spelling and graphics to make sure everything is well polished. You might even want to print it.

  7. Promote your brand and your website. Create customized templates that will speak of your brand. It should also show a link to your website so that people will know where to find you in the World Wide Web. You will also want to add your contact details like email address and phone number.

  8. File conversion. When you are ready to upload your presentation to Slideshare, do not forget to convert your file into a PDF. This will keep your graphics and text intact. Plus, PDFs make uploading faster.

  9. Audio narration. The good thing about Slideshare is it allows you to add an audio narration to you slides. So make sure you include Notes to facilitate easy audio narration. Upload a new file with Notes to all your slides. Notes are great for search engine visibility.

  10. Optimize. Select appropriate tags for your presentation. Slideshare will automatically examine your presentation and will provide the tags for it based on your content. It is only wise to use your target keywords well when uploading your file to Slideshare.

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