Just for you!

Many people ask what tools I use to run my businesses and I have to say it has taken many years to find the best of the best and I am delighted to present them to you.

Please note that a few of these are affiliate links (that means that I was so impressed with the company and the product that I will happily endorse it, so I will receive a small commission if you sign up for their paid product).

So read on and implement some of these tools in your business – I’m sure you will find they will help you to grow and manage your business to even greater success!

Website Tools

Fantastic web-based program that allows you to literally build a great website or blog in just minutes for free! There are heaps of great themes that will make you look like a professional graphic designer and plugins that will help add extra functionality to your site as well and the best part is most of them are free too! (Free)

Google Analytics
If you have a website then this is an absolute MUST-HAVE tool. It will help track any visitors to your website and gives you gobs of free data that you need to know to improve your website (and marketing) performance. (Free)

Hostgator (Affiliate)
Website hosting company based in US. They have 24/7 live chat if you get a problem (and trust me, they got me out of a few pickles with my sites over the years). They are extremely reliable, give great service and have very reasonable pricing. I recommend the Baby Plan if you have more than one website. (Plans start from as little as US$3.96 p/mth)

GoDaddy & CrazyDomains
Internet domain registrars. Depending on the type of domain you are looking for check out either one of these domain registrars for the best prices.

Clickfunnels (Affiliate)
Build sales funnels with the easy drag and drop system that helps anyone create awesome landing pages, optins and sales pages simply and easily – test it out with the free 14 day trial (then $97 per month)

Aweber (Affiliate)
This little beauty is a complete email marketing program that allows you to send out mass newsletters, create awesome optin forms for your website, manage your subscribers and best of all…set up an automated series of email follow-ups! (First month just $1)

Amazon S3
This is a video and file storage service that allows speedy delivery without as much ‘buffering’ when viewing. You get to use Amazon’s massive, fast servers which can be really handy if you have a spike in traffic and a heap of people try to play a video at the same time. (Incredibly cheap with some freebies for newbies)

Elegant Themes (Affiliate)
Another way to make your WordPress site look awesome! You get 79 beautiful premium WordPress themes that you can use to build your website – or sites! They have some advanced features including automatic mobile ready themes, easy integration with your other online tools and easy customisation. ($39)

Kind of like a heat-seeking device that reveal’s where your visitor’s mouse moves and what they click on within your website. This gives you a clear picture of how your visitors use your site – what works and what doesn’t giving you the information to improve the site and your conversion rate! (Free starter plan)

Gives you the ability to sell things through your website without needing to get approval for a merchant service. Set up a business account so that you can add payment buttons to your site. You can also use paypal to send money to your freelancers/outsourcers. (Free to setup & fee per transaction)

Business Tools

An invaluable tool to help manage your projects – it gives you the ability to collaborate between your team members/clients, share files and messages and it keeps all the information within the one place making it easy to reference. (60 day free trial)

Web-based communication tool that does phone calls, video calls, text messages and more. This is an invaluable tool for my business as I can do group conference calls and even share my computer screen when training clients remotely, plus keep in touch with my team of freelancers. (Free)

Have you ever been frustrated trying to email a large file to a client? Then you will love Dropbox. This file sharing service gives you the ability to share large files between one or many users. (Free)

Jing captures anything you see on your computer screen as an image or short video and lets you share it instantly. Great for showing someone who to do something on a computer by creating short training video or use it to give feedback on a webpage or design. (Free)
A great place to find freelancers to do a huge range of projects from webdesign, video editing to graphic design and much more!
Find a virtual assistant in the Philippines. Don’t get sucked into doing everything yourself as an entrepreneur or business owner. Outsource tasks to virtual assistants that can free up your time to work on the more important aspects. Warning: there are right and wrong ways to do this for best results. The Marketing Boardroom will teach more about this topic for paying members.

A microjob marketplace where you can get small jobs done as the name implies, for just $5. Everything from timeline cover images through to an original piece of music you can add to your video marketing – you will be amazed at the quality of the work people will do on this site. It will help get those little tasks done quickly and on a small budget.

Web-conferencing service that is easy to set up. Deliver an online presentation up to 1,000 people all from the comfort of your computer. (Free 30 day trial)

Social Tools

Premier social media dashboard that helps you to manage multiple networks and profiles from the one place. This is a time-saver for your social media marketing as it allows you to pre-schedule your posts and is a must-have in your marketing toolbox. (Free)

WooBox, Wildfireapps & Offerpop
Great apps for running competitions and creating custom tabs on Facebook that meets all of Facebook’s T&C’s. (Free & Paid options)

Similar to Hootsuite but for Facebook only – it allows you to pre-schedule your posts saving you time. The ‘Expert’ version is great if you want to control your brand you can add your own logo and URL to the bottom of the posts. Plus they have heaps of content ideas to post on Facebook if you get stuck. (Free 30 day trial)

A real-time social media search engine that searches user-generated content on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more allowing you to track and monitor your brand or keywords on the web. Great for monitoring your online reputation. You can also set up social media alerts on your brand or company. (Free)

Google Alerts
A content detection and notification service that automatically notifies you when new content from news, web, blog, video that matches your query is posted on the internet. Great to keep up to date with what is happening in your niche/industry as well as monitoring your brand/company. (Free)

Nifty URL shortener service that allows you to easily save and share your links. Allows you to customize your links and is great for using with Twitter. Also tracks how many people click on your links. (Free)

A social bookmarking site for storing and categorising all your favourite web bookmarks. While there are many social bookmarking sites out there, this is by far my favourite – add the toolbar to your browser for easy use when surfing the web. (Free)

An app that turns information into beautiful infographics. With over 100 professional themes you can supercharge your information into engaging sharable infographics quickly and easily. (Free trial)
Online, royalty-free stock images. Make sure you own the rights to use all images on your website or marketing materials. GraphicStock offers great quality images, unlimited downloads for as little as $99 for the year – this is just one of many sites that I recommend