Get Clarity, Get A Strategy, Get Profitable Results

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and disappointed with the current results in your business?

Are you lacking that crystal-clear clarity and strategy in your business that will

help you generate more profitable results?

When you’re lacking strategy…

  •  You don’t feel confident and you start to question everything and doubting your abilities
  • You feel afraid to market your business because you don’t think you are worthy or good enough, so you hide instead
  • You don’t attract your A-Grade clients who are a dream to work with, instead you get clients that don’t respect or value the work you do and drain your energy


When you’re lacking clarity…

  • You find yourself grabbing every BSO (bright shiny object) before you in the hopes that it will provide the answer you’re looking for
  • You are time-poor because you are not focused on the important tasks that will generate the greatest results
  • You have a scatter-gun approach to marketing rather than a laser-beam focus


If you’d rather…

  • Be creating and offering services that easily sell
  • Easily attract your A-Grade clients who happily hand over their credit cards
  • Be confidently sharing your gifts and making a difference to those who need you most
  • Creating a business that truly supports your ideal lifestyle
  • Relax into your unique gifts and rock out your client sessions (with clients that came to you!)

Then you’re in the right place.

There are many moments when building and running your business that will feel like an uphill battle during a mudslide.

When you need clarity, a plan of action and sometimes even confirmation and permission that what you secretly (or not so secretly) want is possible.

When you’re too in your own stuff to see what you need.

THOSE are the moments in which you need a mentor.

When trying to figure it out on your own has become futile and is actually costing you $$ in lost income, not to mention the toll stress is having on you.

Sounds like you?

You can take a sigh of relief, help is here!

I’m a pro at helping business owners and entrepreneurs quickly get clear on

what they really want and what they need to shift (whether it be action, energy or marketing)

in order to get it – whatever IT may be.

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I’ve helped my clients:

  • Get their first, fifth or 10 th high-paying client
  • Make an extra $1,000-$10,000+ a month, consistently
  • Create their compelling offer with such great value that their A-Grade clients can’t wait to work with them
  • Identify their zone of genius and unique blend of gifts
  • Revamp their business so they enjoy more freedom
  • Double or triple their rates and income while working less
  • Have their first $5,000, $10,000 or even $30,000+ months
  • Launch their first business
  • Create their first online product
  • Increase their confidence
  • Hold their first-ever presentation to a live audience


Deciding to take on Julie as a mentor was a matter of good timing for me. I had recently stepped out on my own and with that came all the fear and self doubt to move forward. Julie was there to support me when I felt like “I couldn’t do it” and gave me some fantastic practical sales skills to boot. She gave me the confidence to realise my potential and I was able to secure my first $12000 client in just 3 weeks – a wonderful boost going forward.

-Michelle O’Hara, OH Marketing

I’ve got over 25 years of traditional sales experience, including 15 years of door-to- door cold calling. I also bring 9 years of online marketing, coaching, copywriting and social media prowess to the table.

I have a unique ability to comprehend your business, find the compelling elements and show you how to position it and sell it so that it generates greater profits for you easily and elegantly.

Helping businesses position themselves as an authority in their industry and create a business that delivers exceptional outcomes, profitability and a lifestyle you desire and deserve is my passion.

As a little perk – I over deliver…big time! I have resources coming out of…everywhere…so if there’s information you need or a person you should connect with, I’ll make sure you get it.

Saving you time. A lot of it!

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I want you to think of me as much more than a mentor. I’m here to be your thought partner, your sounding board, and your biggest supporter.

Whatever it takes to create the kind of lifestyle and business you’ve always dreamed of, we’re going to make that happen.

But I have to warn you…there’s no room for 50/50 in this relationship.

I want you to commit 100% to your own success, and I will do the same.

Your Platinum Mentoring includes:

  • A 2-Hour “Deep Dive” Session to kick off our time together.. This is where we’ll unveil your purpose, knowledge and passion and begin to craft a plan to make your vision a reality
  • 14 x 90 Minute Sessions (in person or virtual) – to help you stay on-track towards growing your business and creating the impact + lifestyle you want
  • Unlimited Email Access – feel free to send me questions, materials to review or anything else you need support with for our time together
  • Entry into our EXCLUSIVE tribe of other like-minded entrepreneurs who are on this journey who can support you and share your successes
  • Customized Resources & Recommendations – throughout the program I will send you resources, articles, referrals and recommendations specifically tailored to you and your business

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It’s time to make a choice.

You can continue doing things the way you have been…you can work hard to up-level on your own…or you can get the support you need and desire to completely transform your life and business.

The top leaders in the world all have coaches and mentors supporting them, it’s time to invest in YOU so that you can take your business and life to the next level.

So what will it be? Are you ready to stop playing small and fully embrace your unique gifts and purpose?

If you feel excited (and possibly a little nervous) reading these words, then you already have your answer.

I look forward to supporting you stepping into being the awesome entrepreneur you are born to be and watching you change the world and live an extraordinary life.

Much Love,
Julie Mason

PS: I work with a very small number of one-on- one clients at a time and my available spots fill up quickly. If you are curious about working together, I encourage you to apply now.

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