It's Time For You To Get Consistent Income

Get Clear On Your Strategy And The Process You Need To Achieve Your Goals

Have you been working hard to get business but your marketing efforts just aren't generating results?

Are you generating leads but failing to convert them into paying clients often enough and you're unsure why?

Or are you uncertain how to position, price and package your services?

It's a stressful situation to be in and it makes you question everything your doing.

The good news is that it can be fixed.

You can get leads easily.

You can convert them elegantly.

And you can serve them at your highest level and be rewarded for that.

So it's time to learn everything you need to know about marketing so you can attract quality clients and discover how to confidently and elegantly close the sale.


Welcome to the Gutsy Business Nail It Program.

This is an exclusive 12 month mentoring program for business owners who are looking to build a more profitable business utilizing low-cost, high-leverage strategies

During the 12 months we'll be covering...


Get really clear on your goals and the strategic action you need to take to achieve them.

Packaging & Pricing

Structure and price your offerings for true profitability and results

Elegant Selling

Learn how to elegantly convert clients into your business without being icky or pushy.

Social Media

Stop the 'spray & pray' approach to social with a strategic plan that will raise your visibility.

Copy That Converts

Get the secrets, tips and mistakes to avoid from TOP Copywriters and learn how to syndicate your content for maximum reach and impact.

Email Essentials

Email is a powerful tool to nurture your leads.  Discover how to use it effectively and how to build a list.

Grow Your Speaking

Become a confident speaker, create a signature talk and increase your impact and authority.


Your Tailored Action Plan

A customised 60-minute 1:1 strategic planning session with Julie to help you set and achieve your goals and implementation plan.

Access To The Training Vault

Packed with resources to help you including bite-sized how-to foundational training, checklist, cheatsheets and templates so you just have to follow the steps.

Four Deep Dive Intensives

You will receive four 2-day transformational intensives.  Learn, implement, brainstorm and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Group Coaching Calls Twice A Month

Benefit from these powerful sessions where you can get personalised support, ask your burning questions and gain massive clarity.

Our Awesome Community

Our buzzing Facebook group is your place to get to know others, celebrate your wins and get the unparalleled support you've been looking for.

Accountability Buddies

Having someone on the same journey as you to supportively hold you accountable will keep you focused and on track so you can achieve your goals.

Are you ready to nail it and earn 10K a month consistently?


Listen To What Other's Have To Say...

Working with Julie has provided me with some extremely valuable tools that my business was lacking - lead generation strategies, an elegant sales process along with how to have powerful sales conversations.  My business now has a proven process and flows effortlessly from the initial sales inquiry to onboarding a new client.

A standout for me was the supporting templates which has made a huge difference to be able to hit the ground running every step of the way.  Julie provides the perfect balance of business acumen, mindset and personal growth.

In dollar terms I have generated close to what I earnt for the entire last financial year in the first 3 months of this year.  My initial goal was 10K per it is 10K per week!!

Melissa Meagher, Talking Money

I've known Julie for nearly 10 years and always appreciated her depth and breadth of knowledge.  In the back of my mind, I've long had a nagging sense of 'needing' her help.

I approached Julie when I needed help re-positioning myself professionally.  What I learned is Julie is brilliant at helping you get quick breakthroughs so you can rapidly get results.

Within less than 12 months I hit 6 figures again in my business for the first time in 3 years!

If you're looking to engage a mentor who will help you fast track the establishment, growth or consolidation of your current position in business or in life, then I strongly suggest Julie Mason should be that person and absolutely recommend connecting with her to get started...immediately!!

Justin Bayliss, Five Star Experiences

Julie first came to me as a client but I very quickly realised that I needed to work much more closely with her for my own business and professional development.

I had just taken on a new venture and Julie helped me to package and price it (which was completely outside my comfort zone) and helped me get the right mindset and sales skills in place.

I literally made an extra 30K in just 3 months because I followed her advice.  Now my business is showcased to the other global licensees as the one to emulate.

Cherry Wills, Metabolic Balance Australia


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