June Book Reviews

June Book Reviews

June Book Reviews

Living With Intent by Mallika Chopra

living with intent

At the beginning of each year I chose a word that will be my overarching theme for the year, and this year my word was Intention.

So when I saw Living With Intent by Mallika Chopra when I was at YogaKing, I immediately added it to my purchases.

Mallika is the daughter of Deepak Chopra, one of the most celebrated new-age thinkers of our time. Those are some big shoes to fill and Mallika shares her experience of finding purpose, peace and joy while running a business, being a mum, wife and daughter with her own unique perspective.

Mallika says INTENT is all about:

Incubate – quieting the mind to tap into your deepest intentions

Notice – Become mindful of your thoughts and actions and pay attention to what they tell you

Trust – have confidence in your inner knowing

Express – write down your intentions, say them out loud or share them with others to fully embrace them

Nurture – be gentle with yourself as you try to find your way

Take Action– once you’ve identified an intent, don’t sit and wait for it to magically manifest; instead take practical steps that can make it become a reality

Mallika dedicates chapters to each of the above steps woven with stories and practical tips to apply the principles into your life.

I love Mallika’s conversational tone throughout the book and she opens up her own vulnerabilities in showing her ups and downs on the journey of living with intent.

It’s a beautiful read for those looking to be more intentional in their life and business for that matter (as Mallika shares some of her business experience with intent as well).

Presence by Amy Cuddy

amy cuddy

Who hasn’t faced a challenge in life feeling anxious, stressed and less than confident?

In Presence, Amy shares strategies that will allow you to turn up to those challenges as your boldest, most confident self. As she states:

“Presence stems from believing in and trusting yourself – your real, honest feelings,
values and abilities. That’s important, because if you don’t trust yourself, how can
others trust you?”

Amy explores the connection between our physical posture and our mindset and how changing even the way you stand can dramatically change your confidence and ability to be present in the moment.

Packed full of tips and strategies that will allow you to show up as your boldest, most confident self in any situation, this book is a must read.

(Don’t have time to read…then watch Amy’s TED talk here )

The Accidental Entrepreneur by Janine Allis

janine ellis book

I’m a huge fan of Janine Ellis, founder of Boost Juice and investor on the TV show Shark Tank. She is an inspiration to anyone on the entrepreneurial journey.

Janine started Boost Juice with her first store in Adelaide (when she lived in Sydney) and then grew it to over 500 stores in 12 countries and over $2 billion since inception…it’s an impressive feat.

In her book The Accidental Entrepreneur, Janine shares her story from adventurous backpacker working on superstar’s yachts in the Mediterranean, failed marriage to finding her soulmate to becoming a global success story.

With a no BS attitude Janine shares tips on starting and growing a successful business and the strategies and formulas that have been integral to her growth.

One of my favourites is about attitude and Janine explains that she doesn’t like a VERB mentality.

VERB = Victim, Entitled, Rescued, Blame

Rather she strives for a SOAR approach.

SOAR = Solutions, Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility

“If you use SOAR in everything you do, you will suddenly find things going your way.”

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