The Best Google Tool You Never Knew About!

Google Keep is the most beautiful tool that will transform your life…
It’s like a to-do list, project management tool, vision board and brain-dump all rolled into one.

Are you a list fanatic, or have several notebooks on the go at once to keep track of your projects? Perhaps you prefer sticky notes or whiteboards.
You may have even tried programs like Trello or Todoist but like me, they just didn’t grab you for one reason or another.

Personally I found them a bit complicated. I like things simple, easy to use and if possible beautiful to look at.

Enter Google Keep.

This little-known Google program transformed my life and those of my clients.

Suddenly I had a way to keep all of my lists, projects and brain-dumps in one place. No more losing those important sticky notes, or rummaging through a notebook trying to find something important.

Plus, I was able to use it to help me keep track of the tasks I needed to do each day that would help me achieve my goals.

Now I had a way to keep track of books I wanted to buy, tasks for my website, videos I wanted to watch and much much more.

Plus is syncs with my phone and my ipad so no matter where I am I can access, add, check-off and edit my lists using the Google Keep app. Yahoo!!

Watch the video below and I’ll show you how this awesome tool works.


Make Your Google Keep Lists Stand Out With This Free Images Pack

Stand Out With This Free Images Pack for Your Google Keep Lists



Stand Out With This Free Images Pack for Your Google Keep Lists