Deciding to take on Julie as a mentor was a matter of good timing for me. I had recently stepped out on my own and with that came all the fear and self-doubt to move forward. Julie was there to support me when I felt like “I couldn’t do it” and gave me some fantastic practical sales skills to boot. She gave me the confidence to realise my potential and I was able to secure my first $12000 client in just 3 weeks – a wonderful boost going forward.

-Michelle O’Hara, OH Marketing


As an entrepreneur, author and professional speaker, I have highly ambitious goals for my personal and professional life. Before meeting Julie, these aspirations had little hope of one day becoming my reality.

Working with Julie has been the best professional decision I have made along this journey. Under her masterful guidance, Julie began by helping me more clearly define my goals, understand the process I would have to undertake to reach them, then finally helped me build a road map toward the fulfilment I desire. She continues to work with me to offer guidance and support along the way.

Julie’s breadth of experience combined with a genuine passion for helping others become more can be an asset to any professional with a goal to achieve more. I emphatically recommend Julie Mason as a coach, mentor and trainer for any professional. Whether you want to leverage social media to reach your goals, or you need help drawing out your truest passion and developing a path to achieve the happiness and success you desire Julie Mason is your woman.

-Garret Biss, One Million Goal Inc.


I was referred to Julie Mason by a friend who recommended her as the go-to expert on LinkedIn lead generation strategies but what I discovered was Julie’s ability to quickly understand our business and articulate our value in a simple yet compelling way.

Julie has an intuitive understanding of what will attract clients to a business and can help develop a strategy and plan of action tailored specifically for your needs.

Her knowledge is far greater than just LinkedIn and it is immediately clear when working with her that she brings her 20 plus years of sales knowledge and internet marketing to the table as well.

I highly recommend anyone looking for lead-generation strategy to work with Julie, I’ve certainly had an excellent return on my investment in less than 60 days.

-John Flett, Flett Consulting


I knew I had connected with someone special when I first reached out to Julie Mason via LinkedIn. Then I met her and I experienced firsthand what an incredibly magnetic and charismatic person she is, so knowledgeable about business and life in general. I have attended two of her workshops and she certainly knows how to ignite and excite a crowd.

Interacting with Julie makes me feel all the more inspired and invigorated to make the most of myself and my business. She is so natural, open and honest, always there to lend a helping hand. She deserves to own the title of communications expert.

-Teresa Hollingbery, Teaser Marketing


Julie is incredibly knowledgeable about LinkedIn. What’s more she combines her in-depth knowledge of this platform with her very savvy and strategic sales skills and insights. That is a winning combination!!

Working with Julie gave me the clarity and confidence to tap into LinkedIn opportunities. Apart from her professional brilliance, Julie is a genuinely delightful and authentic human being. Her warm and sunny personality makes it a joy to spend time in her company. I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking to develop their presence on LinkedIn.

-Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw, Innovation Edge


In the Dictionary if you look up “Sales Expert”, the definition should be Julie Mason. Julie has the ability to sell anything with a practiced technique that Julie effectively refined for use in social media.

Julie has a passion and energy that she generously shares to help businesses and entrepreneurs gain on-line credibility through social media and will celebrate in your success. In this fast moving world of social media advertising I would recommend Julie to anyone looking to get on top of his or her game to make effective use of Linkedin to drive sales leads and business endorsements.

-Matthew McLachlan, Fastway Couriers


I attended various courses that Julie presented. These were pivotal moments for me which lead to a 360 degree career change; from an accountant to a social media enthusiast. Julie’s depth of knowledge of her subject inspired me beyond measure. In Julie I have found a mentor and influencer in the sphere of social media. Do not miss the opportunity to attend her workshops or to be coached by her.

-Chaleen Botha


“Having personally watched her online webinar and recently attended Julie’s LinkedIn workshop it is with great pleasure that I offer her this recommendation.

Julie is without doubt a master in her field of Social Media! She has a fantastic and social personality and is extremely competent at delivering training. Her hands-on approach of setting up your LinkedIn profile throughout the day makes it so much fun. Our entire sales team have been raving about it ever since.

After only a few days of attending the training with Julie, my LinkedIn Profile started to sky rocket and I started having exciting new prospects approaching me rather than the other way around. Within a few weeks each of our team members began receiving quote request and orders through LinkedIn. That’s right…..real “Monetary Orders”. I can happily confirm that we well and truly paid for cost of the training through the extra income we received within less than 4 weeks. This stuff really works……

If you are considering social media training…..and you are crazy if you don’t, then I highly recommend Julie.

-Joe Caprara, Preston Hire


Energetic Intelligence is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Julie Mason. Julie is efficient to the max and will push you to be the same. She naturally understands each participant’s personality, which enables her to cater for our individual needs.

Not only does she have a world of knowledge, she is also genuinely caring. This comes from her passion to help business owners to be their best and reach goals that previously seemed unobtainable. Julie will help you to create an action plan that is as clear as a well-signed road—no more potholes or detours!

-Sophie Tarrant


“Problem? What problem?” Problems are only opportunities when Julie is on your team. As a business owner, I often feel I need to know the in’s and out of everything. In reality it’s important to know how to interact with social media, publicity and websites and be led by such an expert like Julie Mason. Please hear her, use her amazing sales, out of the box ideas and develop approaches, visibility & connection to your customers in ways you did not know yesterday. Julie Mason remains a constant consultant of Gretchen Operations and its supported business’s.

-Andrea Blunden, Gretchen Operations


Julie is a passionate speaker and extraordinary salesperson. If you’re looking to find a meaningful and efficient way to leverage your business through social networking, Julie is somebody that can help make that happen in a way that suits your business. Anyone who meets and/or works with Julie becomes inspired and motivated.

-Gary Carson, Works4Us