Building Business Through Linkedin

Building Business Through Linkedin



When I came across LinkedIn several years ago, I was SUPER excited because I could see this amazing opportunity that it offers.

So in this audio recording I am going to share some great tips that I use that generates $5000 – $10,000 a week plus I will share on what’s currently going on LinkedIn.

The reason why love LinkedIn is because of the intention of the members. We’ve got 16.4 million Facebook users here in Australia that check-in at least 16 times a day, They are checking what their friends are doing, posting what they had for lunch or their holiday pictures. In short, their intention is to be social first and foremost. Business is secondary and for us trying to market on there that becomes what is known as ‘interruptive marketing’.

But members on LinkedIn, on the other hand, are primarily checking in with a business intention. LinkedIn themselves tells us that 60% of the members go there to find business insights…

So grab yourself a coffee and a notepad and pen and listen in as I share some golden tips on how you can maximise LinkedIn for your business by clicking the play button on the audio link below:

We’ve also added the slides so you can view these as you listen.


If you enjoyed this, please share your biggest Ah-Ha moment in the comments below and remember to share this with your friends and colleagues so they can benefit too.





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