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By Julie Mason / September 22, 2017

Why Pricing Is Elastic

This week there have been many conversations around pricing and so today I just wanted to share some thoughts with you that may help you when it comes to pricing your products or services. Need help with your pricing or packaging, click here to book a complimentary Strategy Session with...

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Tips To Follow Up All Those Business Cards
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By Julie Mason / July 25, 2017

Tips To Follow Up On Those Business Cards You Received

Do you have a pile of business cards that you've collected? Perhaps that pile has morphed into boxes of them! You know that there is potentially gold hiding in there in the form of leads and sales, maybe a few strategic alliances or a big opportunity that could transform your...

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By Julie Mason / July 5, 2016

June Book Reviews

Living With Intent by Mallika Chopra At the beginning of each year I chose a word that will be my overarching theme for the year, and this year my word was Intention. So when I saw Living With Intent by Mallika Chopra when I was at YogaKing, I immediately added...

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By Julie Mason / June 28, 2016

Does Your Sales Funnel Have a Leak

There are few things worse than having valuable leads and potential revenue leaking out of your sales funnel and slowing your businesses growth.  Leaks in your sales funnel can happen at any point between creation of a lead and closing the sale. Finding the leak requires some investigative work.  If...

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By Julie Mason / June 23, 2016

Building Business Through Linkedin

  When I came across LinkedIn several years ago, I was SUPER excited because I could see this amazing opportunity that it offers. So in this audio recording I am going to share some great tips that I use that generates $5000 - $10,000 a week plus I will share...

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By Julie Mason / March 29, 2016

The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship

  Starting your own business sounds like a bed of roses right? You get to be your own boss. You get to work your own hours. You get to do what you love. You get to spend more time…at the beach/with the family/fishing/whatever floats your boat right? It’s the dream...

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By Julie Mason / March 14, 2016

16 Terrific Business Lessons From Kung Fu Panda

Do you have a favourite movie?  One that just makes you laugh out loud whenever you watch it? Well Kung Fu Panda rocks it for me…in fact, my family have more fun watching me laughing at the movie than they do watching the movie itself. The reason I love this...

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By Julie Mason / July 8, 2015

The Ultimate Guide To Using LinkedIn Search

Imagine for a moment that you have been given a map that showed you directions on how to find a king’s ransom in treasure. It’s legit and you have the ability and means to find the treasure. What do you do? Of course, you go treasure hunting! In business, we...

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By Julie Mason / November 21, 2014

Your Referrals Are A Reflection Of Your Service…How Great Are They?

Have you ever received a referral to your business that is just plain AWKWARD? You know, where someone says ‘Hey I know someone who really needs your service, here’s their number, you should give them a call?’ Being the diligent business owner that you are, you duly give the person...

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By Julie Mason / November 3, 2014

Secrets To Wal-Mart’s Success

For us here in Australia, most of us have heard of Wal-Mart, the huge US department store chain that is nearly as famous for its colourful characters that shop there as it is for its low prices. Well, here are 12 fascinating stats about Wal-Mart: (more…)

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